Friday, 29 October 2010

29/10/2010 Production log

It's been a busy, busy week. This week is half term which thankfully has given me a lot of time to get work done for college.

Starting off at the beginning of the week I started collecting pictures for my mood board to show in the pitch. Over the last few days I've been collecting images and finally yesterday I got down to sticking them all on a A3 sheet of paper. When sticking them I realised I had quite a lot of pictures. Too many to fit on one A3 sheet. So I created two mood boards one for character design and the other for level design.

Also this week I've done some A3 drawings of the character Seth in our game. Last week I wasn't so good at drawing bodies for the character. However after a bit of practice this week, I have noticed I'm getting a lot better.

Last week Will showed us some brilliant drawings of enemies for our game. I noted them down during that lesson and I have come up with some different variations of the characrters design which I'll show the group next week.

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