Sunday, 17 October 2010

Production Diary 14/10/2010

Production Diary 14/10/2010

In a week our group has changed the concept idea again, after the whole group no in agreement with our previous idea. The new idea is better and more original. Also the whole group is pitching ideas for the concept which is brilliant.

Over the past week I've undertaken the role of designing the main character. I have been discussing the with Jacob and I've been experimenting with different styles of the character for example nerdy, cool, etc. I've also been researching different hair styles to see which suit our main character.

However now I need to discuss with Jacob and others in the group, what we want the main character to look like. I've been drawing sketches of him, but I need a few ideas to help build up his look and personality.

Going over the character I've tried to cover different styles to see which suits him. I also brought to the table the idea of him having the cursur hand as his actual hand which he uses as a weapon. This Cameron has taken on board.

So far with our new idea the group has worked great and you get a sense that everyone is excited about making this game. This week I'll show the others my my designs to see what they think.

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