Monday, 27 June 2011

Production Log 27/06/2011

It is the last week of college and alot has happened since the last post. We showcased the demo for Timmy.Com to the other class mates and visitors of the showcase and received a lot of positive feedback from everyone which me and team leader Cameron were very pleased with.

Me and Cameron imported my 3D assets that look amazing in the level and really give the demo the style we had in our heads and on paper,b ut to see it in 3D looks brilliant. I'm really happy with all the hard work we have put into this game and pleased with the results.

I finished all the storyboards based on the script Cameron worked on. It took me around a month but seeing the opening with all of our main character introductions in looks great and I'm pleased with the end result. Some of the storyboards are presented in the trailer we did for the showcase. Cameron also added the voice recordings we did based off the script and it sounded amazing with the visuals and music done by Will.

Last minute touches were done to the level for example adding any assets and changing the colour of a few things like trees have been done to make the level look better and better.

I'm really proud of our group Imaginauts.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

05/05/2011 diary

The past few weeks we have the Easter holidays which has given us two weeks of spare time to work on the FMP. In the first week of the holidays I carried on drawing up the storyboards for the opening of the game. However there's still work to do. In the second week Cameron came round mine to carry on work with the UDK level. Tomorrow I plan on creating some of the assets like mountains for the level. Monday we will carry on and hopefully finish the level.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Production Log 19/04/2011

This blog post is going to cover a lot of what has happened to the group over the past couple of months. After the pitch and the Christmas holidays, we as a group took into account all the advice we were given in the pitch and took it on board. Moving into the first few weeks of the new term I began working with the team leader Cameron and we started planning out the level for our two minutes demo. Also I helped with Jacob with creating the start of all the 3D models of the characters and assets that we would be needing.

I started creating the 3D model for our bad guy Buub. I created him using 3DS Max. However I will also say, around this time some people in the group weren't happy with how the project was going and how the group was being less guided than before Christmas and the pitch. This lead to two of the members sadly leaving the group and leaving us with one less artist and one less programmer.

This happening me and cameron took the rains of the programming role in the group. We had extra lessons with our teacher Chris Walton for around two weeks. The main issues we were both concerned about were how to create a 2D camera and how to make a level at all. After a few tips and lessons, me and Cameron were getting used to the software UDK. Recently we both set a target to show at least something of what we could to to the whole class in a two minute presentation.

Thats a quick overview of what has happened since January, I have done a lot more in 3D models for example creating assets for the level. Also art work has still not been forgotten and recently I began drawing the storyboards for the opening cinematic for our game, which I've been following very closely to the scripts that Cameron has been typing up.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

OLD pictures

These were done months ago when I was coming up with the twitter level mock up. I thought you would enjoy.
These Guys will be found in the YouTube stages of Timmy.COM. They attack with there mind melting and fail videos which seem stupid to watch, but some how entertain people over the internet for hours.

The Bird

14/12/2010 DRAWINGS !!!!!

Well I've had the power of the drawing tablet for a couple of hours this week and I managed to russell up a few drawings of some of the characters. I finally managed to bring BooB to life on the computer and created the look of some new characters which will play the roles of the bad guys in some of the levels in Timmy.COM.