Saturday, 6 November 2010


Production log 06/11/2010

This week during the pre-production of the video game concept has been good with a lot of new features and background added to the mix.

On Monday Cameron came with the idea of Aliens creating the virus wanting to attack the internet, which I loved and enjoyed hearing about. It also added a lot of comic relief to the game which we wanted the game to have at the start of the idea.

Also just moments before typing this I was sent a link to a piece of CAD work Jacob did for the character Seth. The week before I had drawn a full body drawing of Seth and the other day handed it to Jacob so he could do some magic to it and develop a brilliant CAD image of Seth. First impressions were that I loved it and he followed my brief concept to a tee.

So the week has gone well and we are getting closer to the pitch. I have been jotting down notes for what to say in the pitch and hopefully will be able to see the power point Joe has created for the group to pitch in the coming week.

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