Wednesday, 17 November 2010

17/11/2010 Production Log

The last couple of weeks have been very important within everyones groups we have or going to present our pitch presentations to the whole class, Mike and Kelly. Our group went up in front of everyone last Friday and it went very well.

In peparation for the pitch we had Joe making the powerpoint (which looked amazing) and me and Jacob getting together some last final concepts to show everyone. Will also I think pulled out the stops to get together some brilliant music and sound effect concepts, which the whole group thinks that they really suit the game.

Last week a few days before the pitch in front of Kelly I came up with some designs of Boob the alien character in our game. Me and Cameron have discussed the character design and we have made some changes to the character that I'll go back do.

Back to the pitch. On my behalf of the whole thing I thought I did better than I expected than how I was going to do. I was a bit nervous. But I feel I could of said so much more, even when our pitch altogether took up to over 30 minutes. Now we need to get ready for the huge final pitch in the coming weeks.


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